KUZ – Renaissance London

On offer today is the first album from London based Hip – Hop duo ‘KUZ.’

‘Renaissance London,’ put out as ”a free tester to see how people feel us” is a refreshing mix of smooth samples and bright synth sounds which merge nicely with the groups energetic lyrics and delivery.
Members Thai and Jae Quin describe themselves as ”having the focus of bringing a diverse array of skills to the table as individuals to create one collective whole.” Renaissance London definitely echoes that sentiment, and comes highly recommended as a wonderful piece of fresh British Hip – Hop.
Get it here – http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/3/4/1796295/Kuz%20Album%20%28Final%20Version%29.zip
Add KUZ on Myspace too – http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=71223218

One Response to “KUZ – Renaissance London”

  1. Really feeling the beats from KUZ. Real decent shit. Haven’t downloaded yet (gotta wait til I get home). But damn those beats (samples) are great stuff.Thanks Fig!-Mr. FLoyd

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