Figment – Floor By Floor

So…FINALLY i get around to posting my album.

I finished it a few months ago but it took a long while to get to the point where i could say ‘finished.’

It’s 13 tracks, i made all the beats and wrote all the verses.

Featuring other local artists – Blokey Chinners and Skrabl.

Tracklisting –

1. Floor By Floor
2. Rumours And Lies Ft. Blokey
3. Trapped
4. It’s All Over (Casanova)
5. To Be A Star Ft. Chinners
6. The 21
7. Love And Marriage Ft. Blokey and Tik-A-Tek
8. Grind
9. S.H.E Loves Me
10. Malice Ft. Skrabl
11. All About You
12. How You Living Ft. RTS
13. The 21 (Alternate Version)

Give it a download, give it a listen.

Get it HERE

***If you were having trouble downloading the album from this link – please try again as i have re upped it to a different server now***

2 Responses to “Figment – Floor By Floor”

  1. Figment’s album kicks major ass, up and down the block. My favorites are definitely “Grind”, “The Twenty One” and “To Be A Star”. Bravo!

  2. Thank you man! My first feedback on the album – appreciate it. Now go spread the word!

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