The Best of Poor Righteous Teachers

Further to last weeks post regarding the news of the tragic death of Hip-Hop legend Tony D, DJ Books brings us The Best Of Poor Righteous Teachers.

1. Ghetto Intro
2. Miss Ghetto
3. Easy Star
4. Strictly Mash’ion (thief-mix)
5. Rock dis Funky Joint
6. Self-styled Wisdom
7. Nobody Move
8. The Very First Time (unreleased)
9. Word iz Life
10. Shakiyla (1st verse)
11. Shakiyla jrh (thief-mix)
12. Speaking Upon A Blackman
13. Each one, Teach one
14. Conscious style ft KRS ONE(verse 1)
15. Conscious Style (verse 2 & 3)
16. Allies ft Fugees
17. Culture Freestyle
18. Wise freestyle ft Ralph Mcdaniels
19. Holy Intellect (remix)
20. Butt Naked Booty Bless
21. Word is Bond (b-side)
22. Wicked Everytime
23. Freedom or Death
24. Time to Say Peace
25. Wise Interview
26. The Nations Anthem

Get it HERE

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