DJ Lok – Mystro; F.D.T Mini Mix

Super DJ Extraordinaire DJ Lok (yes – that title is deserved; I’ve seen him in action!) drops this gem of a mini mix on us and proves his talent as a DJ by showing just how important timing is when mixing.

Lok gives us just long enough with each track to start nodding our heads then before we get too comfortable it’s on to the next, leaving us wanting more and wondering whats next.

If you slept on Mystro’s superb E.P – ‘F.D.T’ the first time round;

a) Shame on you
b) Get the full version HERE
C) Listen to DJ Lok’s mini mix HERE and get the express version.

You can follow Mystro on twitter HERE
Likewise with DJ Lok HERE

3 Responses to “DJ Lok – Mystro; F.D.T Mini Mix”

  1. What’s up Figment. It’s been a while, but you posted a comment on the DM blogroll @ requesting to be added to the Hip-Hop/Rap category. I’ve been weighed down by work and college, but I’m in the process of working on a major update for the blogroll and I’ve got you added now. Hopefully you should see some additional traffic coming from my direction shortly, if you keep track of stats that is.

    It’s not required in order to be listed, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could link back to the blogroll. Thank you for all the high-quality hip-hop you provide here. Take care.


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