Love H.E.R Madly

Finally, the project I started around November last year is actually finished.

In case you hadn’t seen any of my previous posts about it or mentions of it on Twitter the concept was to create remix’s of tracks by my favourite UK Hip Hop artists with beats sampling music by The Doors.

The track features an amazing selection of British talent and I’d like to thank them all first hand for showing so much trust and faith in me and for the privilege of working with them on however small a project. Special thanks to Ben Black of Delusionists for all the help over the course of the project – much appreciated bro!

Anyway, check out the track listing below, if you like what you see – download the album HERE

1. I Rep – Jai

2. Super Lyrical Excursion – Delusionists

3. Everyman – Lost Souls ft cuts by Reptar

4. Seven – Conflix, Crucifix, Teej, Worsmith, Genesis, Marlon Brandy, Squared, Jim Morrison

5. Braindead – Stig of The Dump Ft. R.A The Rugged Man

6. Game of Soldiers – Delusionists

7. Recycled Rhymes – Blokeyman ft cuts by DJ Lok

8. Banishment – Mystro

9. All I Got – Klashnekoff

10. Rise – Lewis Parker Ft. cuts by DJ Lok

11. Microphone Mussolini – Dan Dastardly, Diss1, Agonist, Figment

12. The Aim – Asaviour

2 Responses to “Love H.E.R Madly”

  1. This was ridiculously good, major props, will try and spread the word, deserves more light.

  2. Yeah this is sick mate .. Will get on spreading the word ..

    Big ! !

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