Mystro – Takin’ it to The Bank

Mystro has teamed up with Red Kite Learning to bring you ‘Takin’ it to The Bank,’

A new track, produced by ‘Show N’ Prove’ which aims to promote the charity’s campaign for disadvantaged Londoners – focusing on getting them back into work; a homegrown issue that I’m sure we can all appreciate.

Red Kite Learning helps people to address the following pathways out of poverty:

Life Skills – developing personal, functional and employability skills to enable a good quality of life.

Life Experience – learning how to deal with transition and responsibility effectively.

Work Experience – developing careers that go beyond the minimum wage and enable a decent standard of living.

Life Styles – building positive futures that are free from debt, violence, crime and substance misuse.

Last year, Red Kite Learning helped more than 4,800 individuals achieve meaningful education and work outcomes. This included delivery of more than 2,700 skills assessments; more than 1,600 employment preparation qualifications; more than 500 literacy, numeracy, ESOL and I.T. qualifications; and more than 1,000 voluntary and paid work placements. Our man Mys-Diggi had this to say;

“It will be interesting to see whether the banks get behind Red Kite Learning and show some support. We’ve got a tale of two cities on our hands here in London; the best and worst of times. It’s good timing for the banks to make a social statement.”

So, check out the video below which was made by the same guy who did Mystro’s ‘U Live and U Learn’ and ‘Around My Way’ videos – Ian Gamester. and visit the website for Takin’ it to The Bank HERE for more info.

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