D.P – An American Scene

D.P is an Indie Hip-Hop artist from Florida, has been releasing music independently since 2007 and has acheived over 17,000 direct downloads and 4,000 sales of music since then.

As a trained pianist, all the music is produced by him from scratch. D.P has played shows around the country (mostly in Florida) and opened for Goodie Mob, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Dead Prez, Cage, P.O.S., and others as direct support. Currently managed by a reputable management firm, Fly South Music Group who handles a few major and indie acts (Paramore, A Day To Remember, Sollilaquists of Sound) his album ‘fortyeighthours*’ was listed by Kevin Nottingham in his top-ten best free albums of 2009.

*DEFINITELY CLICK THIS LINK! The album (as obvious from the title) was concieved, written, produced and mixed in 48 hours and D.P shows us the whole process through a series of webisodes. Very intriguing viewing and a brilliant concept.

“An American Scene” opens with the title track, which begins with a menacing, almost religious choir and D.P dropping in a cappella with a fast paced flow until the drums drop and the whole track comes into focus.

” a refreshing change to what has become a tried, tested and ultimately exhausted formula”

The album is very organic, thanks mainly to the original production which lends an acoustic quality to a genre that is too often over produced and crowded with sounds fighting for attention. This, and the lack of collaboration on any of the tracks helps to keep this an entirely personal affair and a refreshing change to what has become a tried, tested and ultimately exhausted formula among a majority Hip-Hop artists.

The subject matter is honest and easy to relate to on tracks such as “Thrown My Life Away” which sees D.P trying to justify the time and hard work he puts in to his music and ultimately wondering if it’s worth it. Definitely something all aspiring artists can understand and relate to. D.P has created an accessible sound with character, depth and self awareness, striking a perfect balance between conscious lyrical subject matter and radio friendly hooks and melodies. Tracks such as ‘It’s OK,’ – a semi celebratory lament on casual intoxication and ‘Are You Sleeping Alone’, – a musical equivalent of a 3am booty call text are catchy as hell without being repetitive or tacky.

I was thoroughly impressed with the project. Southern Hip-Hop can quite often get a bad rep for dumbing down and definitely has a clear love/hate divide as a sub genre. Although D.P doesn’t necessary class himself or his music as ‘southern hip-hop’ his accent and location will inevitably see him placed in such a category which is not necessarily a bad thing here as his music does not follow any of the negative connotations often associated with Southern Hip-Hop.

Visit D.P’s official website HERE for American Scene, Bar Tab Blues and the aforementioned Forty Eight Hours.


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