Skrabl – Board of The Game

Breaking the long silence from myself over the last few months is an EP from Essex based bar slinger ‘Skrabl Stanzas.’

‘Board of The Game’ is a 9 track (8 excluding 1 interlude) EP which serves to introduce you to Mr. Stanzas via intricate wordplay, closely woven bars and tightly flowing syllables. The hope is to put him on your radar and the EP pretty much covers all the bases, even the obligatory weed track…no that’s actually the name of the track, so there’s a decent level of humour on hand to diffuse any notion of delusions of grandeur that can be found with new artists.

Production is handled by ‘Grow Beats’ with the exception of ‘Grand Slam Slang’ (which was provided by myself) and all tracks fit together nicely, I’m a big one for textural cohesion so it’s good to see no sore thumbs in sight. ‘Copper Pipes’ is probably a favourite with it’s looping piano riff and basic drum hits leaving Skrab to drop “Sockin’ you at bollock height when I’ve got the mic. For you it’s downhill like toboggan rides.//” 

I’d be very interested to see how Skrabl follows Board of The Game and think he’s definitely one to watch on the scene, if anything I’m just proud of another artist from Essex making moves.

You can get the EP for free HERE 

And by all means add Skrabl as a friend on Facebook HERE

Growbeats can also be added HERE

Also FYI – I should be getting back on posting more regularly now, despite promising to do so for a while. Promise this time. Honest

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