Delusionists – Smash Bros. (Lost Letters Pt.5)

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Smash Bros. Artwork

After keeping us waiting for just over 2 months, Delusionists prove that good things really do come to those who wait.

This is part 5 (Parts 1-4 HERE)of their intriguing ‘Lost Letters’ project in which they bless us intermittently with one of many tracks which fell by the wayside due to not quite fitting in with any projects in the pipeline. Too good to be discarded altogether, they’re being fed to us drip by drip to keep all you fiends from tweaking too hard.

‘Smash Bros’ is a beast of a beat courtesy of Slim Pickens and it features ‘Relly & Zweli’. Ben excels with some great lines like;

“Goin’ ape, no escape from the horror scenes, when they watching Beans get Illy – no coffee beans”

and, my personal favourite;

“I’ve gotta bop to the shops, I’ve only got a half a lager left – Ben Black, fresher than koala breath”

So stop reading, start listening – the track is currently only available to listen to via You Tube (see below) but no doubt it will be up for free download before you know it.

*Just a little side note – if you’re wondering where the voice of the lovely French lady at the start comes from, it’s from when Delusionists track ‘Serious’ was featured on a podcast along with other niceness which you can find HERE




Yosh – What I Gotta Do (Prod. By SofaKing)

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Just a quick post this morning with a dope track and video from Yosh.

“What I Gotta Do” was produced by UK beast SofaKing, It’s one of those tracks that draws instant comparison to a Preemo banger in that the beat is rather simple but knocks hard and is just set off perfectly when paired with the right artist. In this case, Yosh is exactly that and the black and white video filmed and edited by Stefan Byron (photograpghy by Shaun Crabtree) is kept simple and personal too. All in all – a good all round treat for your eyes and ears. The track itself can be downloaded for free from Yosh’s BandCamp HERE, as well as his album “Fled The Flock” (also free) Catch the video below…

Mystro Raps Up 2011

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Yes, yes! Mr. Mys-Diggi, The Natural Born Spitta has released a video for his 2011 UK Rap-Up.

Mystro’s first foray into summing up an entire year’s worth of life in The U.K started in 2009 and has since become a regular release with a 2010 version and now we have the highly anticipated 2011 edition.

Among the mentions this year are the Andy Gray/Richard Keys scandal, X-Factor contestents Misha B & winners Little Mix (as well as a judge or two), Jamal Edwards, ‘my tram experience’ and many, many, maaaaany others.

It really is a testament to Mystro’s ability as a lyricist to be able to fit so much into one track, whilst making it cohesive and keeping it entertaining the whole time. Long time Mystro collaborator Black Einstein is back behind the boards again this year on the beat and smacks it once again.

Catch the video below and download the MP3 HERE


Delusionists – Underacheiver (Lost Letters Pt.4)

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So, it’s 2012 – the year of Olympic Games, The Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee and a penciled in date for the end of all human existence on the Earth.

That last one may or may not happen – we don’t really know.

What is certain however, is that 2012 is sure to be a good year for Delusionists – our favourite Hip-Hop group who “probably won’t shoot you.” 2011 was the year they released their refreshing debut ‘The Prolusion’ closely followed by the revamped and updated version ‘Prolusion Plus’. A slew of praise, interviews, and positive reviews later and we are treated to some new material in the form of The Lost Letters series. A mysterious affair which involves a single track released for free download with no word on where/when/how the next one will drop.

There have been 3 to date which you can still grab via the following links;

Part 1 – Dastardly Schemes

Part 2 – Elevate

Part 3 – Lost Girl

And now for the good news…

Part 4 is now available HERE via Delusionist’s website. ‘Underachiever’ is probably my favourite of the series so far – downright honest, extremely relatable and a hugely enjoyable listen with plenty of quotables such as;

“At 17 they tried to teach me to drive, I said fuck it I’ll have a chauffeur by the time I’m 25”

So if you started reading this post, got to the “2012 is sure to be a good year for Delusionists” part and found yourself wondering why – with there being no end in sight to these fantastic little free gems dropping, the answer is obvious.

Mystro Freestyle & Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

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Mystro spoke to Hip Hop Kings before his recent gig in Leeds which – judging by what I’ve seen people saying on Twitter – went very well. It’s a good watch, the freestyle is dope – as always from Mr. Mys-Diggi, and it’s good to catch up with what he’s done recently and what’s planned for the near future. Check it below, and don’t forget to hit up Hip Hop Kings

Delusionists – Lost Girl (Lost Letters Pt.3)

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Part 3 of Delusionists Lost Letters series is a beautifully mellow departure from the previous two bangers – the Apatight produced ‘Dastardly Schemes’ and The Mr. Loop crafted ‘Elevator Music.’

‘Lost Girl’ is wonderfully sparse and ethereal, courtesy of dream like vocals and a nice phaser on the outro. Produced by Delusionists resident DJ/part time Beatmaker (when Ben isn’t on the boards) Slim Pickens, it’s a testament to the groups ability to hold an audience when instrumental gems like this one, weighing in at just over a minuite and a half – hold just as much gravitas as anything you’ll find on Prolusion Plus.

I suggest you listen HERE

Delusionists – Elevator Music (Lost Letters Pt. 2)

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Elevator Music is the second release in Delusionists new Lost Letters series, and it’s available to stream/download for free HERE.
You can also get involved with discovering the next Lost Letter by printing off this poster and posting it somewhere for all to see. Take a photo of wherever you post it and send it to and if it’s funny/provocative/beautiful they might just use your image as the cover art for the next release. Submissions need to reach by Saturday 22nd October and should be an exact square of at least 520×520 pixels (the bigger, the better) with the main text on the poster clearly visible.